Website management – why would you want it?

Some companies invest, develop and launch wonderful websites only to let them rot. Effective websites need to be living, breathing and up to date. Both the code and the content of your site must be updated in order for you to get the best return on your initial investment.

We appreciate that not all companies can afford to hire a full time webmaster, which is why step in, shake hands and handle the nitty gritty of the daily life of your website for you.

Hiring us to manage your website also brings constant focus to the ongoing development of your site and ensures that as new trends and technologies emerge you are perfectly placed to exploit them to meet your business goals.


Webmaster service options

Website support and code updates
We will monitor, manage and implement your code updates. We will also send you detailed traffic (visitor) reports once a month (or once a week) customised to give you the information you require. This option also includes one hour of development time per month, this hour can be used to add or edit content. This inclusive hour can also be used to install (or contribute towards installation of) configuration of new plugins. The inclusive hour can be used to fix (or contribute towards fixing) any technical issues that arise with your website.

Website support, code updates and social networking management.
We will include everything mentioned in the above option but additionally we will monitor your social networking activity and if required will interact on your behalf (approved by you on a per-interaction basis). We will also schedule and maintain Twitter campaigns, including consultation with your staff / colleagues with regards to content and tone.

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