The way we roll (when building websites)

We appreciate that not all clients approach us with a fully developed scope of requirements and strong ideas about how their new website should look, feel and operate. This is fine. We like this. Developing website scopes is something we get a real kick out of – facilitating clients through translating real-world needs into virtual world environments is what gets us out of bed in the morning (although coffee also helps).

The exact development process we use is flexible and sympathetic to our client’s needs, but a typical project timeline tends to run a little like the example below:

We look at your requirements and translate them into a scope for your new website. This phase includes time researching your market and identifying which keywords/ phrases people using the web are actually using to find organisations like yours.

Navigation and wire-framing
Now that we know what you want on your website we work with you to develop the navigation structure and page layouts.

Site design and development phase
Once the graphic design has been signed off (approved) by you our developers and designers retreat into darkened rooms and conjure up their magic.

Content population
Once the site is looking and behaving the way we all want it to we’ll start filling it with all your gorgeous content. If you are providing the content we’ll complete the training phase below, otherwise we’ll input it for you and train you later.

We will train your website administrators how to edit and manipulate the content of your website. This training is usually carried out at your premises, but can also be delivered online.

Beta testing
When your website is ready to be launched we will present you with a final beta version for your approval. When this beta test has been signed off a ‘going live’ date can be booked.

Security hardening
When your website is ready to be launched we will go through a process of ‘hardening’ the security of the site to keep it as secure as possible. To date none of our customer sites have ever been compromised.

Launch/ champagne drinking
When all your stake-holders are as happy as are with your website we’ll unleash it on the world. Champagne isn’t essential at this stage, but everyone likes the occasional bit of bubbly.

One-month checkup
For thirty days after the website launch date software bugs are fixed at no extra charge, after thirty days bugs are dealt with according to the chosen maintenance agreement. When your website has been live for thirty days you will be provided with a site technical and security document for the purposes of business continuity.

Ongoing development
The best websites in the world never let the virtual moss gather around their roots. When you have lived with your website for a few months you will start to understand how your visitors interact with it. At this stage we’d recommend a review meeting to discuss any tweaks or further developments that will keep your website performing at full tilt.

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