How to use a Google Drive Spreadsheet to check Tweet length

You may already be wondering why it might be useful to use Google Drive to check that a message is short enough to post to Twitter, and if you’re manually using Twitter then of course you have no need to check Tweet length, the website does it for you.  But if you’re scheduling your Tweets then being able to check Tweet length in bulk is a big time saver.

Scheduling messages is a great way to maintain your social media presence at times you are unable to dedicate the time needed to manually post your messages.  If you would like more examples of why it can be a good idea to schedule your Tweets then we recommend reading this blog post.

Scheduling your Tweets?  Then use this Google Drive Spreadsheet template to check message lengths.

We have created a spreadsheet in Google Drive that anyone is welcome to use if they want to check Tweet length en-masse.  If your message is too long then the cell next to it will turn red and display the text ‘FALSE’, if the Tweet will be an appropriate length for Twitter then the corresponding cell will turn green and display the text ‘TRUE’.  Simple hey?

If you want to see how we set up this very simple length-checker then have a look at the little formula in the each of the cells in the true / false column.

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