Timid with Twitter? Fuddled by Facebook?

Social Networking is now more important than ever. Twitter and Facebook have proven themselves useful tools for businesses. Social marketing can be used to bring you new clients, develop your brand and to publicise your events (to name but a few positives), but many companies stumble when it comes to putting Social Networking strategies into practice.

And yes, you guessed it; that’s where we come in…
We help companies establish a presence on Twitter and Facebook that adheres to brand identity and helps organisations meet their business goals. Put simply we’ll make sure you’re visible and on Twitter and Facebook, and more importantly we’ll ensure that you appear to be actively participating in the Social Networking world.
Here’s how Social Media Marketing works:

  • We create a Facebook company page, a Google+ page and a Twitter profile for your organisation.
  • We help you develop a list of messages you wish to promote – we advise on suitability, effectiveness and viability.
  • If you’re struggling to come up with messages to send out we’ll find interesting sources of information that we think your customers will find engaging.
  • For a reasonable monthly charge we’ll post your social messages for you and track responses and mentions of your organisation.


Social networking is a potent force; don’t miss out!