The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about

Online Reputation Management increases profits, but…

When discussing Online Reputation Management we often talk about the damage done by negative, unfair and untrue reviews left by disgruntled customers.  We’ve established that we can help you manage negative reviews in a way that will positively improve your online reputation.  We also talked about how this method can really drive forward your marketing efforts and boost your profits, but so far there’s one aspect of Online Reputation Marketing that we haven’t spend time discussing.

I don’t have negative reviews, so why do I need Online Reputation Management?

If you don’t have any negative online reviews then that’s great, but if you don’t have many positive reviews either then you have a problem.  It’s not only Google whose opinion of you is influenced by the number of reviews you have (the more reviews, the more likely you are to rank highly in search results), if your potential customers are searching for the services you provide they will also be influenced by your reviews (or lack of reviews).

Google is strongly favouring businesses who have taken the time to create and nurture a presence on their unavoidably important Google+ platform.  Try a search right now; as an example try searching for a hairdresser, just type the word ‘hairdresser’ into the search box, nothing else.  When the results are shown you’ll see that Google is showing you a bundle of local hairdressers near the very top of the search results.  Do any of these hairdressers have reviews?  If you needed to find a hairdresser right now which one of those businesses would you contact?  We have been trained to automatically choose providers with a good number of positive reviews, this part of the buying decision has become a big part of the way we buy.

Now imagine someone searching for your business, will the number of online reviews positively influence their buying decision?  If you and your competitors have no reviews (or very few) then you have a great opportunity presented to you.  If you’re the only company among your peers that has a lot of reviews you’re going to look pretty great in the eyes of potential customers.

Reviews show customers that other people valued your service so highly that they’ve taken the time to tell the world.  Encouraging customers to leave good reviews, while discouraging disappointed customers from making their grievances public is a challenging and time-consuming task.

If we told you that we’ve developed a system to filter out the negatives and boost the positives would you be interested in finding out more?  If so please give us a call on 01473 431 535, or use our contact page…