Stay safe and manage your company Facebook page the lazy way

If you’re the lucky soul in your company who has been tasked with managing the company Facebook page you need to be careful. Very careful.

Your company Facebook page should reflect the corporate look and feel of your organisation and needs to emphasise your employer’s core values. In real world terms this means that the carefully constructed messages of professionalism you post on behalf of your company will be entirely undone if you accidentally post them using your real name instead of ‘posting as’ your company. If you ‘post as’ your real name customers will be able to click through to those embarrassing photos your mates tagged you in. Not good.

You can of course avoid this calamity by making damned sure you’re posting to your corporate page using the correct profile – watch for the notifications at the top of the screen when viewing your company Facebook page. But there’s an easier, lazier and safer way of managing your company’s Facebook page: use the Facebook pages manager app.

If you use the wonderfully simple iphone / ipad / Android Facebook pages manager app you’re introducing a level of separation between your company messages and those terrible photos your mates tagged you in.

The pages manager app also helps bring company page notifications to your attention rather than them getting swamped by all your personal notifications (friends commenting on ‘those’ photos probably). This makes reporting on your corporate page activity a lot easier, and after all, if you’re working hard managing your company page you’ll want to make sure your boss knows how great you are!

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