Social media – why bother?

Blog logoSocial media has changed the world and it’s not a fad; there’s no ‘going back’ to the way the world was before FacebookTwitter, Google, Linked In (and the rest!).

Social networking is no longer something ‘over there’ that some people engage in and some ignore – Facebook is a part of how we all interact with each other, Google+ is seeping into every aspect of our online lives, Linked In is established as the de facto professional networking tool and entire governments have been overthrown by communications facilitated by Twitter.


Let’s look at some social media numbers:

  • Linked In has a membership of 60 million, their average income is £90,000
  • 51% of Facebook users say they are much more likely to buy from brands they ‘like’ on Facebook
  • 50% of SMEs reporting gaining new business through their social networking presences
  • 40% of people socialise more
  • 665 million people are active on Facebook every single day
  • 288 million people regularly use Twitter
  • Google+ grew by 33% between June 2012 and March 2013
  • 2 new users join Linked In every second



Are these people you would like to be talking to?