Set up location sharing in Google plus (like Latitude!)

Google+ location sharingGoogle Latitude has been really useful to many people but social media progress never stands still for long, and as the popularity of location sharing services marchs ever onwards Google has had a rethink and has consequently announced that Latitude will cease to be from 9th August 2013.

So what do you do if you want to continue sharing your location with friends and family?  Google+ has the answer of course… the last year or so has shown us time and again that if Google is going to knock off a service then it will probably re-appear in Google+.  Google is determined to have a proper social network in their stable of products, and moving location sharing services out of Latitude and into Google+ is the latest of many moves to get us all using Google+ whether the prospect pleases us or not.  So if you lament the loss of Latitude then here’s how to use Google+ for almost the exact same location sharing service.

Setting up location sharing in Google+

  1. Log into Google+ and go to
  2. Scroll down the page until you find the ‘location sharing‘ section and put a tick in the ‘Enable Location Sharing’ checkbox
  3. Now you need to decide who you want to see where are, bearing in mind that this is potentially people knowing where you are every hour of the day or night so it’s a decision that’s worth a pause for thought.  As with everything else in Google+ deciding who gets to see your location permissions is all about the circles.  In our opinion the choices on offer here are a little limiting, so we would recommend clicking the ‘custom’ option and only choosing the circles you want to share your location with.  This might be one of those times in your Google+ experience that you realise you should possibly have put more thought into whom you placed in which circle; not to worry, this is easily fixed here –