Online Reputation Management – do you really need it?

Your online reputation is your offline notoriety.

Are you aware of what people are saying about you? What about people who used to work for you; are they sharing your secrets online? Maybe your competitors are talking about you in a way that might not be complimentary?

We live in a world where consumers are making decisions about your organisation in the privacy of their own homes, without having all the facts to hand.  Businesses try to influence consumer decisions with clever marketing, brand awareness and any number of other traditional marketing activities, but the sad truth is it only takes a few bad bits of press to ruin years of hard work.

Consumers use the web to make buying decisions, and if they find a great deal of overwhelmingly bad information relating to your business then their decision will be made before you get a chance to put forward your case.

Online Reputation Management is the answer.

The Internet has armed the consumer with some incredibly powerful tools, and on the whole this is a very good thing, but it also gives people the opportunity to say some very harmful and untrue things about your business.  This is where Online Reputation Management comes into to play.  Pro-active online reputation management can not only be used to mitigate the voices that will negatively influence your online (and offline) reputation, it can be used as a positive force.

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