Membership webmaster services

Great membership organisations have a reputation for being very proactive when it comes to looking after their members. We have been helping memberships facilitate, inform and empower their members since 2000. We ‘get’ memberships.

Appointing a dedicated website controller brings an extremely beneficial focus to a membership, but hiring a full-time website controller can be beyond the financial reach of some organisations. Our membership webmaster service gives you the dedicated focus of your own website controller. For a monthly fee you get a dedicated webmaster – experienced in translating the complex needs of memberships into tangible benefits – for a tiny fraction of the cost of an employee. If required our representative can even act as a member of your secretariat, giving your members the confidence to get the most from their membership services.

Signing up for membership webmaster services gives you a set number of flexi-hours per month and open access to every one of the services we offer, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Email newsletters
  • Updates to your website content
  • Management of hosting and domain names
  • Social networking management and promotion
  • Marketing support
  • Web activity reporting and trend analysis
  • Project management, development, implementation and promotion of new website features and services.

In addition to the many services that will be readily available you also get the benefit of staying ahead of the tech curve. We keep track of the fast developing world of the web to keep you ahead of the game.

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