If it’s not new it’s not news.

The setup.
News sells. Having recent, relevant and interesting news on your website shows your public that your eye is on the ball, your mind is focussed on their best interests and will ultimately encourage your potential customers to reach into their pockets for their wallets (figuratively speaking).

The problem.
The marketing potency of a news / blog section on a website is not a ‘best kept secret’, which is why so many new websites include news articles and blog posts as a feature. At least when the site is new…

How many websites have you visited that display a positive flurry of news articles, all tightly bunched together around a date long since passed? What sort of message do you think this gives to your prospects?

The solution.
Us of course! In spite of all your best intentions we understand that the real world demands and day to day activities of a busy business can make news generation feel like a low priority, which is why we do it for you. As a part of our website management service we take responsibility for prompting our clients for news. With a little bit of your input we will even write the news for you.

The focus our webmaster services bring to your online presence bring tangible benefits to your business. We also use social media to make sure your news is read by the right people.

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