Any idea what your SEO company is doing for you?

SEO is a big topic for all businesses, putting brutally if you’re ignoring SEO then you’re losing money.  It’s that simple.

Occasionally we’ll be chatting with prospective clients and inevitably the subject of SEO (search engine optimism) pops up, usually because we raise it.  Sometimes the answer given to the SEO question we ask is ‘yeah, we’ve got someone doing SEO’.  Fair enough, but when I ask what they’re actually doing the prospective client is usually a bit blank when pressed for details.

It’s important to be wary of SEO providers who don’t provide reporting, as it’s partially your responsibility as the client to try and ensure your SEO provider isn’t spamming the hell out of the web and potentially damaging your online reputation.  There are various ‘dirty’ methods that can be used to ‘rank and bank’ websites and temporarily boost the ranking of a website, but almost without fail these steroid-fueled SEO techniques have short-lived benefits, and at worst they can get your site dropped from Google entirely.

We have been ‘doing’ SEO for about fifteen years and we’ve seen a lot of methods come and go, and every time there’s a big Google update our client sites are unaffected.  We keep thorough records and are happy to make them available to clients whenever they wish to see them.

While there’s certainly a place in this world for ‘buy and forget’ SEO practitioners – hiring someone to do the SEO work so you don’t have to is part of the appeal – we’d strongly advocate you asking your SEO provider some difficult questions every now and then.

It’s worth noting that SEO isn’t something you ‘do’ once; to be truly effective and to offer you the best return on investment it needs to be an ongoing process.