How to back up your Tweets

To say that Twitter is now truly established as a global force in Social Networking would be something of an understatement.  Twitter is a brilliant source for market research, networking and lead generation.  But you know that already don’t you?  But how do you back up your tweets?

There is no reason to think that Twitter is likely to disappear, nor is Twitter very likely to accidentally lose any of your Tweets, but for peace of mind you might feel better about your business continuity if you were able to keep a backup of your Twitter posts.

Create a backup of your Twitter posts:

  1. Go to your Twitter account settings here –
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find the section marked ‘Your Twitter Archive’
  3. Click the ‘Request your archive’ button
  4. Twitter will then send you an email with a link that will allow you to download your Twitter backup

The download is a zip file, when you have opened the zip file launch the file named index.html and a very nicely laid out backup of your Tweets.  Once you have downloaded this archive of your Tweets you can upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox account as a ‘double backup’.