Google Adwords can rock your world, but only if…

Google Adwords is a potent marketing tool, but only if managed correctly.  If mis-managed Adwords can be painfully expensive and nothing short of a total waste of your marketing budget.  Pay-per-click advertising is unique in the marketing world in that the money spent on acquiring customers can be reconciled with individual customer sales.  Whereas placing an advert in a newspaper or trade journal will hopefully bring an increase in sales, running a good Google Adwords campaign will not only give you the sales, it will also tell you how much money was spent on advertising per sale.  It gets better, with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising you do not pay an advertising charge unless someone has clicked on your advert, these are advertising campaigns with cost-effectiveness designed into the system from the ground up.

We manage Google Adword campaigns and closely monitor their success so that we can tweak them, thereby delivering the very highest quality prospects who are in a position to commit to purchasing.

We introduce new customers to the wonders of Google Advertising by offering a one-month trial at a reduced rate.  We’re confident that after just one month the number of sales you’ll make will justify the small amount we’ll charge to manage your campaign.

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