The good and bad wolves of your online reputation

Online Reputation Management is one of those topics whereby once you’re aware of it you start to notice it seeping into almost every aspect of your life.  On reading something entirely unconnected to reputation management I found a tale that I thought quite pertinent to any of my readers who is considering whether they need Online Reputation Management or not.

There’s a (probably apocryphal) tale reputed to have originated in the native tribes of Northern America.  The tales goes that a young fellow was angry, frustrated and generally feeling a bit hard-done-by with his lot in life, so he seeks advice from one of the tribe elders.

The elder listens thoughtfully to the young man’s frustrations and when the kid has finished venting he puts forward the following theory:  There are two wolves inside all of us, and they are always fighting for supremacy.  One wolf is goodness, kindness, understanding, empathy and positivity.  The other wolf is anger, frustration, disillusionment and negativity.  The child, confused, asks ‘which wolf wins?’  The elder smiles and replies, “The wolf you feed”.

Malicious information, erroneous rumours and unfairly harsh opinions are easily spread via social media, forums, review sites and third-party websites.  But there’s good news to be had here – with effective Online Reputation management you can feed the good wolf, and allow the bad wolf to starve.