Find out what your visitors want, by speaking to them!

Chat with your website visitors with Snap EngageOne of the core purposes of marketing is find out what people want, and then convince those people that you are the right organisation to supply whatever it is they require.  Part of this knowledge is earned through experience and market research.  We can also learn a great deal about what your visitors are looking for by studying how they use your website; this is usually done through tools like Google Analytics.

But how do you find out what the visitors who are on your website right now want?  Have you ever wished you could guide your visitors towards making contact with so you can start something beautiful?

Introducing the answer – Snap Engage.
The Snap Engage system allows visitors to your website to communicate with you directly, immediately, directly and clearly.  Here’s how the system works:

  1. After visitors have been browsing your website for a set amount of time a little box pops up asking the visitor if they require any help.  If they type a message into the box a new chat session appears in Skype.  The visitor isn’t aware that you’re talking to them using Skype; they see all chat in the box on your website.
  2. When the chat starts Snap Engage tells you where in the world your visitors are and what pages on your website they’ve been looking at, as well as informing you how many times the person has visited your site.  The system even tells you what operating system your visitors are using.
  3. When the conversation is concluded Snap Engage emails you a transcript of your discussion.

Some of our clients have been using Snap Engage for quite some time and consider it an essential part of their sales and marketing strategy.


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