Email marketing the easy way

Many companies find themselves in a situation whereby they  know they must reach their customers and market to potential new clients with email newsletters.  But where do you start?

Standard office software simply can’t cope with a large number of email recipients. Even if you manage to send a newsletter from your desktop the chances are it will be rejected by most email servers as they will see the large number of recipients as an indicator that your message is spam. We have advanced mailing systems dedicated to ensuring your message gets through, and we take every care to stay up to date with anti-spam rules to minimise the chances of your newsletter being incorrectly flagged as being junk mail.

But why?
A well managed email newsletter can dramatically increase your sales, and nurture customer satisfaction. Keeping your customers informed and up to date shows potential clients how much you value customer relationships. Email newsletters are also an extremely effective way of keeping non-profit organizations in touch with stakeholders.

Measuring Newsletter Success
Instead of sending out your news and hoping for the best we monitor the success of each campaign reporting back to you (as a minimum) the following data;

  • Successful releases
    Details of how many emails were successfully delivered.
  • Opens
    We can not only tell you how many people have opened up your email, we can also tell you who they are and exactly when they read your message!
  • Clicks
    Collecting data on which links in your newsletter were most popular can be valuable marketing intelligence. We’ll tell you how many times a link was clicked, and by how many people.
  • Bounces
    Knowing which email addresses are no longer in use has been effectively used by some of our clients to ensure all records are kept up to date.
  • Forwards
    Details of how many of your recipients sent your newsletter on to someone else.
  • Recipient profiling
    We can generate ad-hoc reports on the newsletter activity of specific individuals.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be a time-draining chore for your business, with our help it can be a potent marketing tool for encouraging engagement, and more importantly it will increase sales.