Don’t forget image search!

Optimising content for SEO is a naturally large part of Internet Marketing.  The majority of our focus is on optimising the words that make up the bulk of the content.  The old cliché runs that ‘content is king’, and that is certainly still the case.  But words are not the only content we can use to bring visitors to our websites via search engines.  We spend a lot of time focussing on text based optimisation, including crucial activities like keyword research, but I think it’s all too easy to forget that good website content is about much more than words.

I often see brilliantly written articles that have images added as an afterthought.  When I meet with clients I often talk about ways we can crush as much benefit as possible out of the resources we have available.  With many aspects of Internet Marketing, if you can push just a little harder than your competitors when the effort will be worth it.  Giving more attention to the images we use to accompany articles is an area often overlooked by competitors.

Over the last couple of years I’m seeing a lot more traffic coming to my client sites via Google Image Search.  How often have you used Image Search when looking for a product (for example).  If you never use Image Search then you are in a minority.

Image optimisation doesn’t take a great deal of effort.  Like many aspects of SEO image optimisation is a case of working smarter rather than harder.  Good image optimisation is as much about changing a few habits as it is about using better images.

I was planning to write a lovely long blog post about image optimisation, but those nice people at SEMrush have already written a great article.  It’s quite a short read, and I think this is one of the opportunities to nudge ahead that I find really pleasing.

Read the SEMrush article on image optimisation…

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