Dangers of cheap SEO

SEO services are the new Viagra!

We now get more spam about cheap SEO services than we do about any other service.  Why do you think that is?  The cause is the virulent rise in the number of SEO companies (usually offshore) who ‘rank and bank’ websites.  This a process whereby a phenomenal number of low-cost junk links to your site are created, this causes a temporary rise in your search engine rankings, but can also lead to your site being dropped from search engines.

SEO – how to protect your investment.

If you were buying any other asset for your business would you consider ‘cheapness’ the most important aspect of the buying decision?  If you want SEO to boost your profits and to be a part of your long-term business development then buy wisely, and buy local.  Why local?  If you hire an SEO practitioner in your town you’ll have the opportunity to meet in person, this will greatly help your understanding of the tactics being used, the results you can expect and most of all you’ll get a better idea of what you’re actually paying for.