Bypass SEO & put your website at the TOP of the Google results

You may detect a feint whiff of ‘clickbait’ in the title of this blog post, but you’d be wrong.  A few days ago I was guest on Elene Marsden’s great ‘Hangouts 4 Business‘ show and I decided to reveal details of a project I’ve been working on with some of my long-term clients – using online reviews to boost profits.

Bad online reviews terrify all business owners, so I decided to look past the horror stories to see if I could find a positive to be taken from all the negatives.  It didn’t take long.  The answer was (partially) Google+.  And the answer proved to be phenomenally positive.

Everyone grumbles about Google+, few claim to love it, everyone is desperate to be on it but nobody appears to have noticed the most obvious way businesses can use it as a tool to attract more customers.  We all felt much the same way about Linked In a few years ago.  So when Elene at Hangouts 4 Business asked me if I had any juicy Intenret Marketing secrets that would help her viewers’ businesses I decided to share my findings.

I won’t say too much more, because the recording of the hangout (below) is quite comprehensive.  In this video you’ll learn how you can get your website to the very top of Google results with very little effort and without any financial outlay.  This is not a ‘dodgy’ SEO method, in fact SEO has very little to do with it.  This Internet Marketing technique builds on the foundation of any good business, to find out what that is, and how you can get to the Number 1 spot you’ll have to press ‘play’ on the YouTube video below…