Blog mentoring service

It’s no secret that we strongly believe that taking a little time each month to post new content to your website can be the most potent weapon in your marketing arsenal. You may even have been to a recent talk in Ipswich where we stood in front of you and talked your ears off regarding the importance of cheerfully giving your website visitors the benefit of your thought leadership through your blog.

But what happens once you’ve written your beautiful blog post? Do you have the confidence to make your words public? We have a theory that in the world of blogging there’s no such thing as an expert on what should or shouldn’t be said in a blog post, after all; blog posts should reflect the passion you have for your niche, not how studious you were in English classes at high school. BUT we have been advising clients on blogging for nearly a decade and a half, so we’re happy to share some of the things we’ve learned.

For a small fee we will act as reviewer and ‘blog-coach’. When you’re just about ready to hit the ‘publish’ button we’ll review your post and offer friendly advice on how you might achieve the maximum impact for the effort you’ve put in.